The Strange Helper Theory of Game of Thrones + Giveaway

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Have you noticed the recurrence of a certain type of character in the series Game of Thrones? This person—or
creature—might have magic powers, or unusual strength, skill, or stature—and appears in the story primarily to aid a more major character. This character type is what I’ve come to call the “strange helper”—strange in the sense of unusual, extraordinary, or exceptional. Here are just a few examples.


  • The dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, who help Daenerys Targaryen


  • The wolves Grey Wind, Ghost, Shaggydog, Summer, Lady, and Nymeria, who help the Stark children


  • The red priestess Melisandre, who helps Stannis Baratheon and later Jon Snow


  • Faceless man Jaqen H’ghar, who helps Arya Stark


  • Stablehand Hodor, who helps Bran Stark


  • The three-eyed raven (both the animal and the person), who also helps Bran Stark


  • The druid-like Children of the Forest, who help Bran and company


  • The wights, zombie-like creatures, who help the White Walkers


  • The resurrected Mountain, who helps Cersei Lannister

What are some other examples of strange helpers in Game of Thrones? Share your ideas in a comment!

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  1. This would be a gift for one of my grandchildren, so I would allow them to name her. Thank you for the chance to win!

  2. My little girl would name the wolf Snuggles (she is turning 4 on July 3rd) she loves doggies but is not allowed this would be awesome for her

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